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Maybe if I type it out, it will actually get done.

Finished: Curtain Along caraco (Fort Fred obviously didn't work as the deadline, but the hem is finally together and it has all its hook and eyes for the next 18th century event that is not hot as balls.)


Like now: Skirts for work. seriously. I have no appropriate plain black skirt anymore and could strongly use a khaki/tan/something in brown. Fabric is on hand, I just need to actually make something.

Like tomorrow: That dress for work that has been pending for a couple of years. I have the fabric. I just need to actually make it. (this is really more of an autumn piece, and I'm down a summer dress, but I need to do something about this.)

October: 1880s! Requires: Bustle. Petticoat. Underskirt. Apron. Bodice.
Bustle has been hand drafted based on American Duchess measurement. Need to go to Lowe's to find something stiff enough (and cheap enough) for boning. Everything else, I'm going to attempt a Janet Arnold because free, but all the pieces are available from Truly Victorian if I end up in complete fits. Fabric is on order.

November: 1917 evening dress! Fabric for underskirt (should be able to just draft a 3 gore skirt, right? I hope?) on order. Overdress to be done with purple sari acquired for free from fabric destash a couple years ago. I think I can frankenpattern this from some Janet Arnold structural elements for the bodice.
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