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Completed garments and intended projects turned out to have nothing to do with each other. I swear, if there isn't an event, it isn't getting done because something for an event is going to have to take its place.

1805 Reproduction Evening Dress: finished in time for Twelfth Night Ball at Riversdale. The overdress itself was completed in December 2015, but the underskirt I think was thrown together the week prior to the ball. Silk sari with zardozi embroidery; underskirt is a fine cotton gauze (aka a sheer curtain by Martha Stewart Everyday).

(Photo by [ profile] padawansguide)

1780s Round Gown: No idea if this was started in 2015 or not, but it was basically finished during Snowzilla in January. First worn in Williamsburg in February, trimming and fastenings finally completed in November for Veterans' Ball at Gadsby's. JP Ryan anglaise pattern in red/white shot silk taffeta from Stephanie.

(Photo by [ profile] padawansguide)

Bum pad for 1780s: cotton bedsheet fragments stuffed with polyfill.

Golden yellow cotton petticoat: not yet worn but fits over new bum pad.

Petticoat upgrade for fran├žaise: fixed janky ruffle and added the other two ruffles the petticoat was supposed to have. There are no pictures where you can actually see the ruffles.

Lined straw hat, 18th century: based on Dutch extants, lined in an indienne. No pictures, didn't quite get worn at Fort Fred.

Late Edwardian/Titanic-era summer day dress: 1912 reproduction using Butterick's pattern, done for Kat's Victorian Party (because running up a corset that does not involve boobs is much, much faster). Lightly sheer woven cotton from Jo-Ann's red tag table a couple years ago trimmed with poly crepe. Antique belt buckle.

(Photo by [ profile] quincy134)

Late Edwardian/Titanic-era corset: 1910-1914 reproduction in mattress ticking.

Edwardian chemise in cotton voile

Late Edwardian/Titanic-era petticoat: drafted 3 gore skirt from 1912-4 instructions at Tudor Links. Cotton voile.

1926 afternoon dress: learning experience with poly chiffon. Came out not horribly, but definite learning experience with chiffon. Worn for Jazz Age on the Delaware at which we appear to have taken no pictures.

1798-1800 white muslin dress: The Janet Arnold 1798-1800 morning dress that's been my regency go-to done in fine cotton voile with a more interesting sleeve treatment thrown together as quickly as possible because August was hot as hell and I needed something for the Jane Austen Ball. Very glad to have it, since we were all melting anyway. Wore it again for Riversdale's costume ball and won the costume contest, so hey, extra win!

(Photo by [ profile] quincy134)

Easier to see the sleeve treatment in this one, without the trim:

(Photo by [ profile] padawansguide)

1928 afternoon dress: Poly crepe (on clearance!) Not quite done - needs a collar, scarf, something, and I need to insert a placket with snaps or something into one of the side seams before it can be worn again, but I'm very pleased with how everything went together.

(Photo by [ profile] madamekat)

1890s Afternoon Ensemble: not actually finished. Somewhat stiff cotton curtains for skirt, cotton bedsheet for crazy paisley bodice. Sleeve puffs interlined with two layers cheap tulle. Janet Arnold 1895 day dress (with balloon sleeves bigger than my head) adapted to reproduce a menswear effect like this example from FIDM. Skirt is drafted from 1895 instructions at Tudor Links.

Literally the only photo of this one because I wasn't feeling well and corset had to come off before pictures. Not the corset's fault.

(Photo by [ profile] quincy134)

1890s corset: luckily, the Norah Waugh 1890s corset is close enough to the right size it's working out ok. Corset time ending early was not a function of the corset.


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